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I think you are looking for hymn 47 is the following hymn book:

Country Western Vol 1 (1972)

     3     Search me, O God, and know, Maori Melody
     6     Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, American Melody
   11     Almost persuaded, now to believe, P.P. Bliss
   20     There is a Name I love to hear, American Melody
   21     Soft as the voice of an angel, Alice Hawthorne
   22     Who at my door is standing, Asa B. Everett
   27     Fear not, little flock, Paul Rader
   28     On a hill far away, George Bennard
   29     Up Calv'ry's mountain, Harry D. Loes
   30     I was sinking deep in sin, Howard E. Smith
   31     Jesus has a table spread, C.B. Widmeyer
   34     I can hear my Savior calling, John S. Norris
   35     Amazing grace shall always be, Londonderry Air
   36     Sweetly, Lord, have we heard, Asa B. Everett
   53     I am happy today, J. Edwin McConnell
   55     Pass me not, O gentle Savior, William H. Doane
   57     For God so loved the world, Alfred B. Smith
   59     When the Savior calls,
   60     I heard an old, old story, Eugene M. Bartlett
   61     When I can read my title clear, Joseph C. Lowery
   63     While we pray and while we plead, Charles C. Case
   69     I will meet you in the morning, I.G. Martin
   70     Do not wait until some deed, Charles H. Gabriel
   72     On Jordan's stormy banks I stand, American Melody
   79     We may tarry a while, J.W. Van deVenter
   85     Whisper a prayer in the morning, John W. Peterson
   87     I'm pressing on the upward way, Charles H. Gabriel
   88     I am thinking today, John R. Sweeney
   93     I've seen the lightning flashing, Unknown
   94     Just as I am, without one plea, William B. Bradbury
   95     When I was but a little child, Charles M. Fillmore
   98     Life is like a mountain railroad, Charlie D. Tillman
   99     We read of a place , A.P. Bland
 104     My God and I go , I.B. Sergei
 106     Come, ev'ry soul by sin oppressed, J.H. Stockton
 108     Have you any room for Jesus, C.C. Williams
 112     The circuit-riding' pracher, American Melody
 115     Since Christ my soul from sin set free, J.M. Black
 117     If I walk in the pathway of duty, Wm. E. Marks

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